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Labor of Love

Little Turtle's Tipi is committed to not only inspiring creativity in children but in the workforce it employs.  Each product is hand-crafted within the local community using partners like Reach, Haven, Mystery Ranch and parents who wish to spend more time with their family by working from home.


“Tipi time” is the highlight of my day! Thanks for all you do!

Debra Jones - Bozeman, MT

 If you have a place in your home where kids or grand-kids play you need a tipi. We have found that the larger tipi provides more room for play (multiple kids) and even the dog can get inside.

Greg R. Gianforte

My pre-K class loves playing in the tipi in so many different ways -- a reading nook, a bat cave, a train station, a kitchen and, of course, all sorts of  camping adventures. It folds and stores easily. I've washed the canvas several times and it shows no signs of wear. This is a wonderful product and I highly recommend it!


My kids have a Little Turtle's Tipi and have enjoyed playing in it for years. They bring in all their stuffed animals, blankets and pillows and make a little reading nook or pretend play area.  The kids always love their own little getaway spot and what a great way to have creative play!


A Tipi Just for You!

Just like Native American tipis, you should make your Little Turtle's Tipi your own! We'd love to discuss custom coloring, characters, and themes with you... the possibilities are truly endless!

Gift Certificates

Would you love to give a tipi as a gift but want to allow the recipient to customize it? A gift certificate is the perfect idea!

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